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Girl Get Woke

May 19, 2020

Girl Get Woke Episode 28! Thanks for tuning in! Today I want to share how wonderful it can be to look at your life and find the silver lining. I'm in awe.


Last week my brother had terrible nerve pain, a traumatic seizure, and surgery to remove a brain tumor. I say this in the podcast, but it bears repeating here: Isn't that bananas?


But we found a lot of peace when we looked for the blessings: My brother was able to be seen by the right doctors on the same day of the seizure. His doctor came to his house to show him the MRI results the very next day (on a Saturday!). And, thankfully, the surgeon said the procedure couldn't have gone any better. These examples and countless others were signs of love during a really hard time.


What else are we even here for if not to love and feel loved.


I'm so humbled by this last year because I'm reminded that God has so much good packaged together with the hard things.


I am so speechless. I'm so thankful to my incredible support system. My team members at work, my friend and family: you know who you are. Thank you!


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